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Convenient Comfort Makes a Difference

Convenient Comfort Makes a Difference

How many of us get home from a long day at work, and immediately change out of our work clothes? Probably most! We love comfort and convenience. And, when it comes to your air conditioning unit, you should feel the same level of stress-free satisfaction your favorite sweatpants give you at the end of the day. We, here at

Air One Air Conditioning & Heating, have created a Comfort Club so you can kick back, and relax, knowing your A/C unit is taken care of.

When you join our Comfort Club, you will become a VIP client with first-choice scheduling and reduced rates. We guarantee complete satisfaction by performing regular air conditioning and heating maintenance at a low cost. For only $14.95 per month for your First System, and $8.33 per month per additional system. Members gain well-rounded, personalized air care.

Here are the advantages of becoming a member of our Air One Air Conditioning & Heating, Inc. Comfort Club.


● Preferred customer scheduling

● Appointments guaranteed within 24 hours

● Two complimentary precision tune-ups

● 15% discount on all A/C and Heating repairs

● 15% discount on all IAQ products

● $49.00 flat service cost for all jobs (discounted from $69.00!)


Increased Energy Efficiency

Our habitual professional maintenance and repairs will keep your air conditioning and heating running efficiently. Properly managing your unit prevents future breakdowns, as small malfunctions are diagnosed before they become major issues. As a result, your heating and cooling will become more environmentally-friendly. Our Comfort Club members have reported a 20%-40% increase in efficiency! We deliver tangible results, which leads to our next listed benefit–lowered utility bills.

Lowered Utility Bills

If you notice a spike in your utility bill, you may have leaks in your ductwork. As a member of our Comfort Club, a skilled technician would be at your home, within 24 hours, to assess or repair your air ducts. Moving forward, as a Comfort Club member, your system would be highly maintained. You would experience a significant reduction in your energy bills, as your system would be in the best shape of its life.

Peace of Mind

The best thing about becoming a member of our Comfort Club? Peace of mind. Never worry about mid-summer day breakdowns or cold-winter nights without heating. Hire our team and your summer cooling, and winter heating, needs will be more than met, they will be anticipated.

Join our Air One Heating & A/C, Inc. Comfort Club today. Just call 909-347-5577 to become a valued member of our Comfort Club.