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Brace yourself for the winter without the worry of a defective heating system. Cozy up at home with the assurance that your heater will run smoothly with the dedicated services of Air One A/C Heating & Plumbing. Experience exceptional heating repair in Highland, CA, that guarantees to keep the frost at bay and your comfort intact.

Highland, CA


It’s vital to detect early signs of furnace troubles to prevent total malfunctions. Stay warm by keeping an eye out for these indicators:

Uneven Heating:

A discrepancy in room temperatures might reveal a faltering furnace. Such uneven heating could stem from faults in the distribution channels or internal components.

Strange Noises:

Keep your ears open for any odd sounds from your furnace. Clatters or shrieks could be signs that urgent repairs are needed due to potentially damaged or loose parts.

Increased Energy Bills:

A sudden surge in your utility bills, without an increase in use, points to inefficiencies in your furnace's operation. This can be attributed to clogged filters, imperfect thermostats, or other latent issues.

Weak Airflow:

Low airflow can indicate issues with the blower motor, the ducts, or the air filters that can, in turn, diminish the efficiency of your heating system.

Yellow Pilot Light:

A pilot light should burn a steady blue. A yellow tint or flickering flame might be a warning sign of carbon monoxide, which necessitates prompt professional intervention.

Encountering these signs? Reach out to a skilled furnace repair service in Highland, CA, for a thorough diagnosis and solution.


Heating problems don’t wait for a convenient time to appear; they can plunge you into cold unexpectedly. That’s why we extend our emergency heating repair services in Highland, CA, to you 24/7. Our responsive team is equipped to resolve any urgent heating issues efficiently. With our help, a quick call ensures you won’t endure the cold for long.


Worries over the expenses for heating repair services are understandable. We provide straightforward and fair pricing so that you receive excellent service at a reasonable cost. Our specialists will examine the problem, explain the required fixes comprehensively, and furnish a forthright estimate. You’re empowered to make an informed decision about your home’s heating needs, with cost-efficiency as our commitment.


Selecting a heating repair service affects your comfort and well-being significantly. When choosing your ideal provider, here’s why you should consider us:

Expertise and Experience:

Rooted in the community since 2007, we offer an aggregate experience spanning a century, assuring that your HVAC system is handled with expertise.

Round-the-Clock Emergency Service:

Our pledge to your comfort encompasses all hours, manifested through 24/7 emergency service offerings.

Commitment to Values:

We operate on integrity, dedication, and collaboration. These principles inform every effort we make, guaranteeing reliable service and a partnership you can trust.

Savings and Financing Solutions:

We honor our veterans, elders, and first responders with a 10% concession and provide financing choices to facilitate quality HVAC service for everyone.

Proudly Local and Family-Owned:

We pride ourselves on delivering personal customer service as a locally-rooted, family-owned enterprise.

Clear Estimations:

We gladly provide complimentary estimates for new installations and maintenance. While repair estimates are not offered for free, our pricing strategies are transparent and upfront.


Our 24/7 commitment ensures that our technicians are on standby to assist you with urgency in heating emergencies.
Cost concerns are mitigated with our transparent pricing and affordable solutions tailored to keep you comfortable without overspending.
We repair a myriad of heating systems, counting furnaces, heat pumps, and ductless mini-splits among our areas of proficiency.
Our trained technicians will evaluate your heating system’s status and guide you, prioritizing your interests based on factors like damage severity and system age.