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Welcome to the world of comfort and cool breezes! When the sweltering heat makes your indoor environment unbearable and your AC gives up, there’s a reliable name you can count on—Air One A/C Heating & Plumbing. Renowned for our quality service and expertise, we are your allies in reinstating that much-needed, uninterrupted flow of refreshing air. Say farewell to overheating and welcome the rejuvenating chill we promise with our efficient AC repair services.

Redlands, CA,


The peak of summer heat can render your space uncomfortable, more like a steamy sauna, if your AC system malfunctions. That’s exactly why we jump in to help. Standing as a prominent AC repair service provider in Redlands, CA, we acknowledge the crucial role of a functioning AC system. Here’s how our repair services benefit you:

Efficiency Boost:

An AC struggling with faults has to work doubly hard, spiking your energy expenses. Our adept technicians will spot and fix these issues, boosting your AC's efficiency and thus leading to significant savings on utility costs.

Extended Lifespan:

Addressing glitches promptly can considerably prolong your AC's life. Ignoring even the smaller issues could lead to grave malfunctions and the unit's untimely demise.

Improved Air Quality:

Besides cooling, an ideal AC should purify the air. When it's not in top shape, it might circulate pollutants, such as dust and allergens. Our AC repair services in Redlands, CA, ensure your unit helps keep the air in your space clean and healthy.


Recognizing early warning signs can help avoid the hassle of enduring a hot spell indoors. Here are a few indicators to watch out for, and remember, if you’re in Redlands, CA, looking for “AC repair near me,” we’re just a call away:

Insufficient Cooling:

Notice your space isn't staying as cool or discovering warm patches at home. It might be time to get a pro on board for an inspection.

Strange Noises:

Listen out for odd sounds like buzzing, grinding, or rattling from the unit—it's likely a cry for help due to internal concerns.

Poor Airflow:

If air isn't freely flowing through, the culprit could be blocked filters, ductwork troubles, or a failing compressor. We'll pin down the precise issue and offer the most suitable fix.


AC breakdowns are indiscriminate, often occurring at the most inconvenient times. Thanks to our around-the-clock emergency AC repair services, such disruptions need not last long. If you’re caught in a hot mess, we’ll respond promptly to get your AC back in business swiftly. Your comfort and well-being are our priorities, regardless of the hour.


When picking an AC service provider, it’s essential to consider what sets them apart. Our enterprise, since its inception in 2007, has accumulated over a century’s worth of experience in the HVAC field. We are a trustworthy source for emergency services, available 24/7 to ensure that your comfort remains uninterrupted.

Our Core Values:

Integrity, commitment, and teamwork are the bedrock of our service philosophy. These principles guide every negotiation and action we take.

Exclusive Offers and Financing:

Our services are not just about quality but also about gratitude and practicality. We offer a 10% discount for military veterans, seniors, and first responders. Understanding the costs associated with HVAC arrangements, we provide financing alternatives to ease your investment.

Local and Family-Owned with a Customer Focus:

Our distinction from other HVAC outfits stems from our local and family-owned character. It reflects our strong community ties and our dedication to excellent customer service.

Estimates, Training, and Recognition:

We stand for transparency, offering free estimates for HVAC installations and maintenance so you can get a clear picture before any work starts. Our commitment to remaining at the cutting edge of industry practices is evident through continuous training and our integration of the latest technology.


Our emergency AC services are readily available 24/7 in Redlands, CA, and adjacent regions.
Our unparalleled blend of experienced technicians, comprehensive benefits, and customer-first philosophy ensures the top-tier AC repair solutions we offer in Redlands, CA.
Absolutely. With transparent pricing and upfront estimates, we ensure you’re well-informed of all costs before the commencement of any repairs—no surprises.
Indeed! We’re seasoned in managing all sorts of AC systems, irrespective of whether they’re installed at homes or in commercial spaces. Your scale of needs is within our expertise.