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Why is My AC Making a Strange Noise?

Loud Noise From AC


If you turn on your air conditioner, only to hear a banging, rattling, screeching, or other loud noises, a needed repair might be in your future. With modern AC systems being quieter than ever before thanks to upgrades in sound-dampening and compressor technology, distinct sounds coming from your system is a clear warning sign, but of what? Our team at Air One Air Conditioning, Heating & Plumbing is here to help you diagnose your AC issue based entirely on these noises—helping you make a more informed decision about what to do next.

5 common noises your AC can make, and the reasons for why it’s making them:

  1. Buzzing or humming: Most AC units create a small buzzing or humming noise, which is very normal in most systems, but when the buzzing becomes louder, it could indicate an electrical issue like loose wiring, a failing motor, compressor, or even something more serious.
  2. Banging or rattling: Your AC unit has filters and dozens of vital, individual components, and when these components are suffering from wear and tear, they become loose—making a distinct banging or rattling noise.
  3. Clicking: The reason for clicking can be two-fold. Either there is debris lodged in your fan, clicking with every rotation, or there is a larger electrical shorting issue with your thermostat or failed electric components.
  4. Hissing or whistling: A hissing noise can possibly be a sign there is a leak somewhere in your system. This leak can be in your ductwork causing your air to be pushed through a small opening from wear and tear, or in the cooling coils where refrigerant can escape due to rust or simply the age of the system.
  5. Screeching: There might be no worse sound than the screeching of metal on metal. Not surprisingly, this noise can occur when mechanical issues are present, like compressor malfunction or faulty motors.

If you are experiencing any of these 5 reasons, you might want to contact someone to look at your system before it gets worse.

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