Is Your Heater Ready For Winter?

Is Your Heater Ready For Winter

We are lucky here in the San Bernardino valley—it feels like summer year-round. However, when the sun goes down it can get pretty chilly. And, it’s about that time of year when the temperature drops at night, into the low 50’s and high 40’s, and you look to your heater to warm you up.

‘Tis the season of home heating, and we are here to make sure your system is up to the task. Here is your home heating maintenance guide!


Regardless of the type of home heating system you have, whether it’s a furnace or a heat pump, your heating unit requires annual maintenance. Here are the advantages of practicing preventative maintenance on your home heating system:

Improved Indoor Air Quality

The air you breathe is only as clean as the system it travels through. So, if your system has dust, dander, and grime build-up—so does your air. Breathing contaminated air can cause health implications. When your indoor air is polluted, your family’s well being becomes compromised. To avoid indoor air pollution: change your air filters regularly. You should replace your heater’s filter at least every 90 days; however, if your home is unusually dusty, change your air filter every 30 days.

Lowered Utility Bills

A well-kept heater is an energy-efficient one. And an energy-efficient heater is a cost-effective one. With habitual, professional heater maintenance, your system will run seamlessly—reducing the energy needed to complete your heating cycles. With zero malfunctions, your system will cost you less in utilities. Start saving on your bills with Air One Heating & A/C, Inc.

Extended Lifespan

Regular maintenance reduces extraneous wear and tear on your unit. This will ensure that your home heating system lives out its intended lifespan. With skilled HVAC professionals checking in on your unit, small repairs are caught before they can cause irreparable damage.

Repairs Rather Than Replacement

Repair rather than replace with Air One Heating & A/C, Inc. When you consistently maintain your heating unit, breakdowns are few and far between. Damage typically results from unrepaired malfunctions; however, when loose parts, broken pieces, or clogged ducts are found and fixed during preventative maintenance, your system remains intact and won’t need replacement before its projected end of the lifespan.


Uneven Heating

If you have cold spots in your home, the technology on your thermostat may be broken or malfunctioning, or you may have faulty ductwork. Replacing your thermostat or scheduling duct repairs and cleaning will ensure that heat is evenly delivered.

Strange Sounds Coming From The Unit

If your heater makes noises while starting up—this is totally normal! However, if you have persistent clanking and banging sounds emanating from your heating system, you need to contact professional HVAC technicians to assess your system and conduct repairs. Strange sounds are a sign you have loose parts rolling around in your system. Once they fastened back into place, your system should run quietly.


Your Unit Is Old

If your unit is more than ten years old, an upgrade is in order. Aged out technology is nowhere near as energy-efficient as newer systems. You will be paying more to run the same heating cycle while simultaneously receiving subpar heating. The power of a system decreases as it ages. Replacing your heating system will cut utility costs, provide better heating capabilities, and will reduce your environmental impact. Contact Air One Heating & A/C, Inc. for your new heater installation.

Repair After Repair

You should not have your HVAC technician on speed dial. If you are constantly calling for heating repairs, it’s time to move on from your current unit. Think back—if you have spent more than 50% of the cost of a new heating system, on repairs for your current system, you need a new heater.

Our mission is quality comfort—starting with high performing HVAC technology. For all of your home heating needs contact Air One Heating & A/C, Inc. at 909-347-5577.